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Semaphore Veterinary Surgery

Fun and informative puppy pre-school classes.

Semaphore Veterinary Surgery

Puppy Pre-School

Encouraging good behaviour for life.

Semaphore beach life means our canine patients spend plenty of time on the sand among other dogs and people which is why it is vital they learn good behaviour and social skills from an early age.

Our one-hour puppy preschool classes are held over five consecutive weeks at the clinic and are a fun and interactive way for owners and puppies to get together to learn the skills and commands required to become well-mannered members of the canine community.

Puppy pre-school graduates often associate good experiences with the surgery which make subsequent visits more enjoyable.

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Puppy Pre-School

What will I learn at puppy school?

Training & Development

Our Puppy Pre-School program is based on positive reinforcement which teaches puppies & their parents:

  • How to communicate with your puppy.
  • The importance of socialisation, mental and physical stimulation.
  • How to develop solid foundation obedience in all environments, and curb any behavioural problems.

Basic commands

All training is based on positive reinforcement. The basic commands learnt include:

  • come, sit, drop, stand, heel, stay, and wait.

Health & Wellbeing

General puppy and dog health topics will be discussed

  • nutrition
  • toilet training
  • handling
  • dental care
  • vaccinations
  • fleas & heartworm prevention
  • desexing
  • emergencies

Puppy Pre-School

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Get in touch to reserve your spot in our next Puppy Pre-School course. All family members are welcome and encouraged to attend. Puppies must have their first vaccination prior to the first class.

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